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White Chocolate Cheesecake



• 185 gr burcak biscuit

• 80 gr melted butter

• 3 tbs jelly

• 150 gr melted white chocolate

• 500 gr Trakya Çiftliği Labne cheese

• 2 tbsp water

• 2 glasses of milk •300 ml cream


•Crumble the biscuits, add butter and mix them well.

•Spread the buttered biscuits on a 23 cm diameter cake mold.

•Cover it with stretch wrap and keep in fridge for half an hour.

•Melt the jelly in water on a low heat and leave it to cool for 5 minutes.

•Süt ve labne peynirini mikserle çırptıktan sonra jöleyi bu karışıma ekleyin.

•Mix milk and labne cheese with a blender and add the jelly into this mix.

•Add cream and melted white chocolate and mix well.

•Spread this mix onto the biscuits in the cake mold and flatten it.

•Cover it with stretch wrap again and keep in fridge overnight.

•Decorate with your favourite fruits and serve.
Strawberry Cake with Labne Cheese



•250 gr potibor biscuits
•100 ml milk
•1 kg strawberry
•4 tbsp sugar
•250 gr Trakya Çiftliği Labne Cheese
•284 ml whisked cream


•Place biscuits in a bag and crush them until they are in chopping size. Put them in a bowl, pour milk over it and mix.

•Put aside a handful of strawberries to decorate the cake later. Place the rest of strawberries in a bowl, add sugar and crush them softly.

•Whisk labne cheese in a bowl and add cream. Mix them well. If the mix is too thick, add milk.

•Place half of the biscuits in a one-lt cake mold. Place the strawberries on it.

•Spread the cream and labne mix over the strawberries. Place biscuits, strawberries and cream again  in the same way.

•Decorate with the rest of strawberries. Keep in fridge overnight and serve.

Bon appétit!

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